Nucleus Hives

Nucleus Hives
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*******2014 NUCS ARE SOLD OUT*****

Nucleus Hive(s); Italian Bees, Laying Queen; 5 frames or more of bees on drawn comb in deep nucs. Buyer will be called to pick up nucleus hive(s) in Stafford, Virginia between May 30-June 15. This will be our next Nuc pick up date.

We are the only Nuc Provider in Virginia that annually undergoes a 100 percent hive inspection by the Virginia Department of Agriculture (VDAC)to ensure we do not spread diseases or pests. We provide a properly executed and numbered Certificate of Apiary Inspection that can be verified by the Commonwealth Apiarists office.

The next time you are considering purchasing Nuc's ask your Beekeeper to provide you with a Certificate of Inspection prior to using their services. It is your insurance that your Beekeeper is doing his/her part to protect you and other Beekeeper's in your area.