Hybrid Italian Queens

Hybrid Italian Queens
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We offer Virginia raised Italian Queens bred with Carnolians that are prolific layers. Queens are selected based on honey production, laying patterns and gentleness. Few things are more critical to the success of your hive than the queen, so selecting a good queen is not only essential but a good business practice. Our queens come from Italian-Carnolian lines.

We are a small micro-breeder using small starter and finishing hives. Our hive base expands and contracts, depending on the time of year from 150-300 hive as of 2011.

Our Breeder Queens and grafting stock come from VP Queens of Frederick, MD and are Artificially Inseminated. The two types of breeder queens from VP are described below. Adam Finklestein and his wife Kelly place quality above all else. They are true professionals in every sense of the word.

VP Allegro queens are framed on the Italian phenotype. They build up quickly in the Spring and can be split sooner. They rear strong brood into the Fall. High VSH Expression.

VP Spartan queens are framed on the Carniolan phenotype. They build up more slowly, but produce enormous brood nests and worker populations in time for the honey flow. They slow up if the nectar/pollen availability lessens and they make a conservative Fall brood nest. High VSH Expression.